2010 Review

Another year, another yearly review. This time around I’ve changed things a little, as taking the best and worst films of each month seems a little unfair. For example, the worst film of one month could score 3 stars, whilst in the next month there could be 3 films that all score 1 star. It seems unfair to claim the 3 star film is worse than two of the 1 star movies!

Therefore, I’ve taken all the films that scored 2 or less stars, and all the films that scored 4.5 or more stars, and listed them in order. If you want to know best and worst films of a particular month you can look at past blog posts, but if you want to know my best and worst films of the year, see below! OK, that’s the explanation part over with... on to the movies in question!

Films of the Year:

12. In Good Company (4.5 stars)
11. Mulan (4.5 stars)
10. The Edukators (4.5 stars)
9. In Bruges (4.5 stars)
8. Let the Right One In (4.5 stars)
7. The Full Monty (5 stars)
6. Toy Story 3 (3D) (5 stars)
5. Inception (5 stars)
4. Children of Men (5 stars)
3. Casablanca (5 stars)
2. Stand by Me (5 stars)

And my Best Film of the Year:
1. Cabaret (5 stars)

Looking back at this list, I wonder if, in hindsight, I wouldn’t have scored some movies slightly differently. For example, although I gave In Good Company 4.5 stars (which I felt was fully deserved at the time), I now find it quite hard to remember the movie. I would say there are probably two notable absences from this list, which, over time, have grown on me and should have perhaps scored more than the 4 stars I initially gave them. The two movies in question here are Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

A special word about Let the Right One In as well, which perhaps should also be a 5 star movie. When I realised the film wouldn’t make it onto this list if I stuck to 5 star movies only, I was highly distressed! I am of course referring to the Swedish version here – I’ve yet to see the American one.

As may be obvious, choosing my top films this year was really tough. However, I have no problems with my choices for top 5 films of the year. Inception has an incredible storyline that will leave you lost in thought for ages afterwards, Children of Men makes a point very poignantly, Casablanca will forever be a classic, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I could watch Stand by Me. However, for its wonderful music, very definite message and just plain brilliance, Cabaret wins Film of the Year in 2010. It’s notable in being one of the two movies in my top 5 I’ve only ever seen once, but I think that just proves how powerful a film it is.

And now, onto Films not to waste your time on. This list was decidedly easier to put together. I’ve seen some truly dire movies this year, and unfortunately they are, for the most part, easy to remember. So here’s 20 hours of my life I’ll never get back:

Films Not to Waste Your Time On:

10. Sherlock Holmes (2 stars)
9. An American Haunting (2 stars)
8. Deck the Halls (2 stars)
7. Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (2 stars)
6. Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous (2 stars)
5. 300 (2 stars)
4. The Sentinel (1.5 stars)
3. King Arthur (1.5 stars)
2. Grow Your Own (1 star)

And Worst Film of the Year goes to:
1. Synecdoche, New York (0 stars)

Some of these are simply totally unmemorable (so unmemorable I had to read my own reviews to remember them), including An American Haunting and Pocahontas II. Others, however, are truly dire. King Arthur is just, well, wrong (in every sense), whilst Grow Your Own is a complete sexist mess (although I will confess that’s it very memorable – I’ve not forgotten the plot at all).

However, the Worst Film of 2010 truly deserves this honour. Synecdoche, New York is perhaps a controversial choice, as it is loved by reviewers the world over it seems, but I HATED it. Yes, I’m shouting. It is the only movie ever on this blog to manage to score 0 stars. I hate it that much. It’s thoroughly boring, and makes As You Like It (last year’s Worst Film of the Year) suddenly seem like a masterpiece. Well, perhaps not (I’m not sure I could face having to watch that movie again either) – but it’s not far off.

To summarise:
Film of the Year 2010: Cabaret
Worst Film of 2010: Synecdoche, New York

I hope you all had a great start to the new year, have an amazing 2011, and I’ll be back in, oh, 24 hours or so with my first review of the year. New Year’s Resolution: watch more than 5 movies a month!

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