Sunday 19th December 2010

Mrs. Miracle

Director: Michael Scott
Year: 2009
Stars: James Van der Beek, Erin Karpluk, Doris Roberts

This is the first movie I've watched all month - it's just been a bit crazy recently! On the (perhaps) bright side, it was a Christmas movie; so at least it put me in the right mood!

As Christmas movies go, it's not a bad one. There's nothing particularly special about it, but it's not overly sentimental and it's not full of cute kids. It does have kids, but the focus is, for once, actually on the adults. Seth Webster (Van Der Beek) is a widow with two six year olds he can't control. However, this all changes when a new nanny - Mrs. Murkle - appears.

Yes, it's all very Mary Poppins. No, it's nothing like as good as Mary Poppins. Mrs. Miracle herself generally annoyed me and it all felt a bit obvious. But thankfully the film spends a lot of time focussing on Seth and his inevitable love interest, Reba Maxwell (Erin Karpluk), make it more of a romance than a frustrating Christmas movie.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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