March 2010 films

This month has been a little quieter than the last couple for films. Although I've been to the cinema quite a few times (6, to be precise) I don't seem to have had much time to watch many other movies. Having said that, those films I have watched tend to have been, for the most part, pretty enjoyable.
  • I Love You, Phillip Morris (2009) - 4 stars
  • Shutter Island (2010) - 3.5 stars
  • Cabaret (1972) - 5 stars
  • Hang 'em High (1968) - 3.5 stars
  • Let the Right One In (2008) - 4.5 stars
  • Alice in Wonderland (2010) - 4 stars
  • A Single Man (2009) - 3 stars
  • Seraphim Falls (2006) - 3.5 stars
  • 27 Dresses (2008) - 3 stars
  • The Lovely Bones (2009) - 3 stars
Film of the month, however, is really easy. Nothing on this list beats Cabaret, and some of the things were pretty good. I have a suspicion it will easily make my top 5 of the year, and very possibly be much higher.

Film not to waste your time on is much harder. The Lovely Bones, 27 Dresses and A Single Man are all at the bottom of the list with only 3 stars, but none of them were bad and I certainly wouldn't warn people away from any of them. A Single Man is thought-provoking, if a little frustrating, whilst 27 Dresses does exactly what it says on the tin, in a sweet way. The Lovely Bones has some great scenes (I know others hated it, but I really enjoyed the after-life world), but I'm going to make this Film not to waste your time on because it was hard to truly care for the duration of the film. However, a proviso is attached to this - it in no way compares to Pocahontas II or King Arthur for their sheer awfulness. This was just average.

Film of the month: Cabaret
Film not to waste your time on: The Lovely Bones

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