Saturday 25th April

Highlander: The Source

Director: Brett Leonard
Year: 2007
Stars: Adrian Paul, Thekla Reuten, Cristian Solimeno, Peter Wingfield, Jim Byrnes

I love Highlander. Not the original films, but the TV series. Along with wrestling, Renegade and Malcolm in the Middle it was a staple part of my Sky 1 diet when I was a teenager. So this has to be perhaps the most disappointing film I have ever watched.

The one star and derogatory comments in the TV guide should have been a clue, coupled with the midnight start time on BBC1. Whilst a couple of the original actors from the TV show appear (MacLeod, Methos and Joe) they are given relatively little to do. There are occasional sparks of the funny, insightful script writing that used to appear in the TV series, but overall this is a terribly written, awfully acted excuse of a movie.

I waited until the end (thankfully it's only an hour an d twenty minutes long - berating the film was amusing for the first 30 minutes) in the hope that there might be some half way decent explanation for all the pointlessness that had come before. There wasn't. I should have expected less.

Rating: 1 out of 5 (and very nearly 0)

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