2015 Review

Although my film blogging throughout 2015 has, shall we say, left something to be desired, I still wanted to give reviewing the movies I've watched throughout the year a go - I may not have done much blogging, but I have still been watching!

I'm going to attempt to do something similar to the last few years, where I list all the films that score 4 stars or more, and pick my top movies from that list. I'll then list all the films that score 2 stars or less, and list my top films not to waste your time on.

Films of the Year:

5. The Raven (4 stars)
4. The Intern (4 stars)
3. Warm Bodies (4 stars)
2. The Impossible (4 stars)

Film of the Year:
1. Brooklyn (5 stars)

I've kept the list down to 5 movies, instead of 10, this year - primarily because I just haven't watched that much during the course of the year. Film of the Year was exceptionally easy, because I only gave 5 stars to one movie. Brooklyn is a wonderful film, all about an Irish girl who goes to live in New York - and has to decide where her life really is. It's not complex, or particularly edgy, but it's a beautiful movie about an interesting life. And the lead character in a 1950s immigration movie is female. I'm not sure I've seen that before, and the film is all the better for it.

Before compiling a list of bad films, I thought that I hadn't seen very many bad movies at all this year, as I just haven't had time for them. Whilst this does seem to be true, it turns out that I have managed to watch some proper humdingers:

Films Not to Waste Your Time on:

5. Adam (2.5 stars)
4. The Lady in the Van (2 stars)
3. The Bourne Legacy (2 stars)
2. Bad Teacher (2 stars)

Worst Film of the Year:
1. Quartet (1 star)

These films were either boring (Adam), self-indulgent (The Lady in the Van), dull (The Bourne Legacy) or just plain bad (Bad Teacher). However, Quartet was the only film that scored 1 star. And that's because it's boring, self-indulgent, dull and bad. Not to mention totally full of its own importance. Even before I sat down to write this list, it stood out in my head as absolutely the worst movie I have watched all year.

In summary:
Film of the Year 2015: Brookly
Film Not to Waste Your Time On 2015: Quartet

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