Monday 5th January 2015

Director: Scott Derrickson
Year: 2012
Stars: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Michael Hall D'Addario, Clare Foley

This did turn out to be quite Sinister. At first it felt like your bog-standard horror movie, and wasn't doing a great job of drawing me in. To be fair, this wasn't entirely the fault of the movie - it was clearly aiming for a build-up of suspense, and there's only so much build-up you can get when you're having to pause the movie every five minutes to deal with your own screaming toddler (which is a different type of Sinister all of it's very own).

The movie tells the story of Ellison Oswalt (Hawke), a true-crime writer who moves to a house that children were hanged in to find out what happened, and who the killer was. Eventually (and fairly satisfyingly, being that you know he might not), he does find all this out. Although this is a horror movie of course, so it might have better for him not to know...

Once I actually got to sit down and pay attention to this (for the last 40 minutes or so), I did enjoy it. And it did creep me out, which horror movies don't always have the power to do. Although how much of that was down to the movie, and how much of it down to the fact that children were involved and I was dealing with my own horror child, I'm not sure...

Rating: 3 out of 5

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