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November/ December 2014 hasn't been a particularly busy time for me in terms of movie-watching; I've been too busy getting ready to host Christmas, covering two full-time jobs at work (on part time hours), and preparing for the arrival of baby#2 (due in Feb). Which suggests that most of 2015 won't be peppered with movie-watching either. However, I thought I had better do a quick review of the four movies I had seen in the past couple of months, so that I could get on with my yearly review without too much of a delay. Those four movies are:
  • The Help (2011) - 4 stars
  • Adam (2009) - 2.5 stars
  • Disney's A Christmas Carol (2009) - 3.5 stars
  • The Way (2010) - 4 stars
Luckily, most of these movies were quite enjoyable; although all did have some flaws. Film of the Months is fairly easy to pick - whilst both The Way and The Help scored 4 stars, I've seen movies like The Help before. It was an enjoyable watch, but not particularly original. The Way, however, was very different to anything I'd seen before. As I mentioned previously, I might be a little biased because it was directed by Emilio Estevez, but I found it to be a truly memorable film and really enjoyed it. 

None of movies listed above were especially bad, and none really deserve the title of 'Film not to waste your time on'. However, one movie stands out as less enjoyable than the others, and this is Adam. If I'm honest I couldn't really remember it that well without going back and reading my review, which is probably one good reason for it to be film not to waste your time on. The complete lack of emotional engagement I felt for any of the characters is another one.
Film of the Months: The Way
Film not to waste your time on: Adam

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