Easy A

 Wednesday 19th March 2014

Director: Will Gluck
Year: 2010
Stars: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Penn Badgley

After having watched this the whole way through, I still can't remember whether I've ever seen this before or not. It feels incredibly familiar, yet I couldn't remember the ending, and there seems to be no record of me watching it on this blog. I did enoy it though, so I guess it doesn't matter whether I've seen it before or not.

Easy A is clearly more dependent on personal taste than many movies. I watched this with my husband who wasn't that impressed. Usually we fundamentally agree on whether a movie is good or bad, but here we didn't seem to. Maybe it's just a proper girly movie.

Personally, I thought Easy A was a fresh take on the teen school movie. The central character, Olive (Stone), was very together for a teenager, and whilst obviously written to sound good (and not really to come across as a real person), she was a joy to watch. The plot is a good, enjoyable, one, if somewhat unrealistic. And perhaps this is why my opinion and my husband's opinion differed so much. Whilst I enjoyed the movie for the script, and what it was, if you were expecting a slice of realism, you weren't going to get it. But then, can you name a Hollywood movie about teens at school that features realism heavily? The Breakfast Club? Grease? hard, isn't it...?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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