September 2013 films

I perhaps didn't watch a lot of movies in September, but I think it's just about enough to warrant a monthly review - especially as this is appearing so late. Which means that I know I've watched enough movies in October for that month to have a review all of its own. So here are the movies I've seen:
  • Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story (2008) (3 stars)
  • The Number 23 (2007) (3.5 stars)
  • Insidious (2010) (4 stars)
  • Another Year (2010) (1.5 stars)
  • The Invention of Lying (2009) (3.5 stars)
Whilst there's nothing wrong with a number of these movies, there's nothing particularly ground-breaking in here either. Most of the movies are hovering very definitely on average; even those I've given higher scores tend to have received these because I enjoyed watching them at that particular time, rather than because I think they are especially good examples of movies.

Which leads me on to my Film of the Month. It's not, as you might expect (considering it has the highest rating), Insidious. This is because, looking back on it, it did have a number of flaws that may well annoy a seasoned horror fan (and potentially some of the less seasoned ones too) - I simply really enjoyed it at the time I watched it because I hadn't seen a horror movie for so long. This means that The Number 23 and The Invention of Lying both become strong contenders. Whilst they are very different movies, I can already feel The Number 23 fading from my memory a little. So my Film of the Month goes to The Invention of Lying, for being a good and enjoyable example of the type of movie it sets out to be.

Film not to waste your time on is much, much easier. There's no contest here - it has to be Another Year. For easily being the most miserable movie I've seen this month, filled with some of the most awful characters you're likely to come across in cinema for a while. Not a movie experience I'm in any hurry to repeat.

Film of the Month: The Invention of Lying
Film not to waste your time on: Another Year

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