Winter's Bone

Saturday 30th March 2013

Director: Debra Granik
Year: 2010
Stars: Jennifer Lawrence

When this was released, it got really good reviews. I wanted to see it at the time, but never quite got around to it. So when I saw it was being shown on TV, I was keen to watch it.

So I was fairly disappointed when I ended up watching what felt like a long, drawn out, miserable drama with a conclusion that didn't need the hour's worth of film that had preceded it. In basically every respect, Winter's Bone was just, well, boring. So boring, I am now struggling to remember the plot - and I only watched this 5 days ago...

Here's a quick plot summary (after using IMDB as a reminder): Ree (Lawrence) needs to find her dad otherwise she'll lose the house she lives in with her younger siblings. In order to find him, she needs to talk to a lot of scary, drug-dealing, odd locals. They're not keen on divulging any information they do have, and don't take to Ree's questions well.

Did I make that sound dull? Well, probably not as dull as the movie itself. I really, really could have found a better use for that 100 minutes. I really could have.

 Rating: 1.5 out of 5

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