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You may have noticed that pictures have started appearing on each post on this blog. The main reason for this is simply that I was starting to get bored with the amount of text - and thought it was time there was something a bit more visual on each post!

So I've picked what I think is the main theme of a movie (even that, of course, is often open to debate), and picked an image that relates to that theme. I intend to use the same image for every movie with a particular theme - so, for example, Christmas movies will always have a picture of a Christmas bauble (see below) attached to them. This should make it easy to see instantly what genre a movie belongs to. Some of the images are pretty obvious (Christmas ones are a good example), but others are a little more subtle. So I've included the images I've already used below, and listed what theme/ genre they relate to. As I add new images, I'll explain what genres they belong to as well. But for now I've got:




Action adventure

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