Inside Job: Film #99 of Film 365

Sunday 11th November 2011

Director: Charles Ferguson
Year: 2010
Stars: Matt Damon (narrator)

I'd read very positive reviews of this earlier in the year, and had been intrigued by them at the time. I'll be the first to admit that I don't really understand the banking crisis - I know it's bad, and banks lost lots of money. Thanks to Inside Job, I feel like I know a little bit more now. I'm fully aware that the film won't have been able to explain everything, but what was explained, was explained well.

When I sat down to watch Inside Job part of me thought "I'm really not in the mood for this dry sort of documentary on a Sunday morning". Twenty minutes later, I was totally engrossed and really interested in what Inside Job had to say. The reviews were also bang-on with their comments. One of the best things about Inside Job is that it presents its interviewees in a (relatively) neutral light, and leaves it up to them to tie themselves in knots. Which they frequently do.

It's not light viewing, and it won't make you go away with a positive view of the world, but it is very, very interesting.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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