Friday 14th January 2011

Vampires: Los Muertos

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Year: 2002
Stars: Jon Bon Jovi, Natasha Wagner, Christian de la Fuente, Diego Luna, Arly Jover

I love vampire movies. I love Jon Bon Jovi. I wasn't going to miss this (although it seems I did when it got released, as I'd never heard of this until I saw it was on TV).

The movie is apparently the second in a trilogy, neither of the others of which I have seen. This didn't really matter as the story is self contained. Derek (Jon Bon Jovi) and a random group of wannabe vampire hunters are trying to hunt down and kill a powerful female vampire. And that's basically it. It's such a simple plot that there isn't even really that powerful a climax - instead there are just lots of mini ones throughout the movie.

Vampires... tries really hard to be one of those 80s movies I love. Think The Lost Boys or Young Guns. Unfortunately, it tries to do this 20 years too late, and, even then, doesn't do it that well. After movies like Interview with the Vampire and From Dusk till Dawn, you can't really get away with this any more. As vampire movies go, it's OK - it's just nothing special.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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