Saturday 9th October 2010

Harry Brown

Director: Daniel Barber
Year: 2009
Stars: Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Charlie Creed-Miles

I wasn't expecting to get to watch this, and perhaps wasn't quite ready for it. I knew of the film, and what it was about, but we were at a friend's house and they happened to have this, or Twilight: New Moon on DVD to watch. I've not got any particular objection to watching the Twilight films (Vampires? Check. OK then), but if I am going to watch them I'd at least like to watch them in order. So Harry Brown it was.

As suggested above, it's not an easy film to watch. Michael Caine plays Harry Brown (apparently I have a thing for film titles being the name of the protagonist this week), a man who decides to seek revenge after his friend - essentially his last living companion - is killed by a gang of youths. This leads to a lot of shooting and a lot of death. Everybody may well end up dead.

It's an insightful drama with a lot to say, but it makes things a little too black and white. Harry Brown, even with a gun, is quite clearly the good guy. And the youths have nothing going for them, and are just plain bad. A more in-depth film with some additional character study would have improved things - but then, it would also have been a very different film.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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