Saturday 25th September 2010

Knocked Up

Director: Judd Apatow
Year: 2007
Stars: Katherine Heigl, Seth Rogan, Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd

This started off slowly, and wasn't particularly endearing. It appeared to feature a whole bunch of idiots who, whether or not you were supposed to, I truly hated from the moment I saw them. I got the impression you were meant to find their idiocy endearing, but I simply found it annoying.

Knocked Up, perhaps unsurprisingly, tells the story of Alison Scott (Heigl), a girl who has a one-night stand with Ben Stone (Rogan), and ends up pregnant. This being a true Hollywood movie in every sense, I imagine you can guess the rest.

The movie does improve. It's a long film (too long), but by the end of it I didn't quite hate the characters to the same degree any more. I can't say it didn't feel like a bit of a waste of 2 1/2 hours of my life though.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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