Monday 31st August

Goodbye Charlie Bright

Director: Nick Love
Year: 2001
Stars: Paul Nicholls, Roland Manookian, Phil Daniels

I'm not entirely sure why I even recorded this. I knew very little about it when I did, and when I came to watch it I was still none the wiser. Something about it must have appealed when reading the TV guide!

The film is set on a council estate in London, and, according to Dan, ends with a fairly accurate portrayal of where young men on council estates like this normally end up. The film follows four friends in their late teens/ early 20s, as they slowly start to lose contact with one another as their lives take different turnings.

For a lot of the film I was sat thinking "I'm not sure I need to watch this - it's all a bit close to real life with nothing much really happening". However, it did keep me watching, interested in what would happen to these (for the most part, highly unlikeable I thought) characters. Overall, the realism seemed to end up being both the downfall and the attraction of the film. If you're not from the UK, or have been lucky enough to never really encounter an estate like this one, the film could be considered something of an education. Perhaps I'm just too sick of watching how miserable everybody's life is, and would rather encounter the madness of a Rodriguez film - and enjoy the misery!

Rating: 3 out of 5

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