Friday 2nd January

The Thief Lord

Director: Richard Claus
Year: 2006
Stars: Aaron Johnson, Jasper Harris, Rollo Weeks, Jim Carter, Caroline Goodall

I hadn't really planned to watch this film. In fact, I'd hadn't even heard of it before. But I was having a quiet lazy day and it happened to come on TV just after something else I happened to be watching. I can't say I was overwhelmed by it, but it wasn't bad.

Basically a kid's movie, most of the people in it are children, and not the best actors in the world. They improved as the script went on though, and the movie itself had a decent storyline - along with some proper caricatures. But then, that's one of the traits of a kid's movie right? The storyline involves two children whose parents have died, and the subsequent trip to Venice they take to escape their aunt and uncle, who want custody of the younger son. Once in Venice, the brothers meet a group of orphans and discover that, just as their mother said, Venice does indeed have magical qualities. However, their aunt and uncle are hot on their trail and they have to do everything they can to ensure they avoid getting caught and can stay together.

There's nothing to offend here, and the film isn't at all bad. For those looking for an hour and a half distraction on a quiet Bank Holiday (or in my case, the day after a Bank Holiday), it's worth a look.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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